Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sugar Beet Gala

Summer is keeping me busy and away from my computer, I should post a little something from time to time and so I'll show some images from one of the most fun filled of summer nights. If you live in the Oak Park area and haven't heard of The Sugar Beet Food Co-op it's time to check them out as they build steam.

" The Sugar Beet Cooperative will provide high quality, locally sourced food produced in ecologically sounds ways. Not only will we offer good food at fair value to member-owners and the community, The Sugar Beet Co-op will also serve as a neighborhood gathering place for sharing and learning, which in turn will support our regional food shed.
The vision of The Sugar Beet Co-op is to nurture our diverse community through the practice of cooperative economics and through educational programming honoring a more sustainable relationship between the foods we eat and the world we live in. "

Cheryl and Jenny tell a little of what they are doing and the farmers they plan to work with.

all photos are Here

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