Thursday, June 28, 2012

Grandma Elaine, Oak Parker

Elaine isn't my grandmother or even my children's grandmother, but she is still called Grandma Elaine around here

Choosing 52 people of interest, or memorable people in Oak Park I had to include the first friendly person to talk to me when we were moving into our home, little did I know that 6 years later my children would refer to her as Grandma Elaine. One fine day in Feb. '10 while my husband was busy trying to make our house livable I took my toddler to the tot-lot, there we met Elaine and her grand-daughter Maya. She asked me to take a photo of her on the seesaw with Maya and told me a little about the neighborhood.

This project is all about community and what is a community without friendly people to spend time with.

One of Elaine's gifts to her community is reading and storytelling. As a retired school librarian she spends time at Lincoln school reading to the children. My kids got to have story time at her home the other day when we went by to take the photo.

Up in the little glass stage the kids are transported to world of adventure, where their imagination can grow, with the help of an extra grandmother!

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