Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Yes I've been pretty slow with additions here with the start of the new year. Taking a little down time after the busy holiday season. Hope everyone liked their photos gifts. Thank you all for giving me the opertunity to work with your family to produce some great images and holiday cards. Eventually I will update my portfolio and you will see snipets from our shoot on my web-site. I have a lot of additions for my family relationship folder.
Here are some babies we saw just a few months ago, leaving the newborn stage, we will see then again a coupld of time for their first year in photographs.
This last image, is the first in a new series I will be doing over this year. Mentors. I have picked 3 people to start this new portrait series and Hannah was my first subject. Hannah is a film director, the mother of 3 girls (the 3 girls in red holiday pj's on a posting below), she knits, she grows some of her own food and cans, she crafts, and this is just a little of what she does, so I went to her house to capture this.
Keep a eye here as the project progresses.