Friday, September 28, 2007

Another Newborn

This is Deirdre, just two weeks and one day old. I'm having the hardest time picking just one shot to show. I have five here and I haven't even looked through all I shot yet, but I thought these were worth sharing. Looks like we captured a smile already, or atleast a grin in the 5th.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

new lens

Today I got a new lens that i've wanted for a while. I splashed out and got something for me, well for work too, but I was like a kid on Christmas morning when I opened the door and saw it sitting on the porch. So as Taron spent a few minutes with Scoop (for those of you who know Bob the Builder) in the dirt, I tested out the new lens. It's starting to show that Taron is used to the camera when he makes these kinds of faces now when he see's it come out. And yes the lens is just what I needed.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Film Stills

Almost a year ago I spent most of a day shooting film stills. It was my first time doing stills and was a very interesting day. During my years in San Francisco I worked in a rental house, so knew most of the film equiptment and lingo, but hadn't been around it in a while, so it was fun to watch. I thought still photography was slow, boy is film even more so!

What was great about the day for me was that all the crew were film students, since it has been 10 years since I was in art school it was exciting to be around all these guys for a day. The fun, excitment, concentration and love for what they were doing. Anyway, here a just a few shots I liked from the day.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


It seems to be new baby time of year for me. I've had the pleasure of photography a few recently, including my first set of twins, and my nephew in Ireland in Aug. Here is a sample of what i did with those little one's.

Ten Thousand Villages

For those of you living in or near Oak Park, Ten Thousand Villages has just opened a store on Marion St. right in the middle of the construction, but so worth a visit. Lot's of great items for the coming holiday season. For those not awear of these stores they are FAIR TRADE, so the people making and growing the items are getting a fair price for their work, no child labor etc...
Check out

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Special on kids photography

Starting again with a new layout, someday I'll get the one I like (hopefully that day is today) and will stick to it, sorry to anyone who came to look at a previous post.
I'll start with this current photo of Taron, and as before I will add some shots from new sessions as we go, and add info on any current specials I am offering. At the moment I am running a mini session special for kids. Mon. to Fri mornings in the Oak Park area, $125 for a half hour shoot. This is geared towards outdoor autumn shoots, and for one or two children at a time. To get a date between now and mid Oct. e-mail me at