Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Franciscan Outreach

Franciscan Outreach contacted me about visiting their soup kitchen and overnight shelter/transitional housing and taking some photos for them. Here are some of the people I met. Some help out at the soup kitchen on a daily bases, others are very newly homeless due to airline layoffs, and one was packing his bag leaving transitional housing and heading home. You can read about the work this organization does here With over 300 beds a night provided to some of Chicago's homeless every night of the year, and supper provided to many more people in need at their soup kitchen they are working hard to help their community.

I don't get to spend a lot of time with the guests when working but I always come away with a warm heart. There is such a strong connection to someone who is sharing a little of themself in this way. The recording of who they are right then in their life brings us together briefly, I get to see them, connect with them. My hope is that through these photos others out there might make a connection too, take a moment to see these people, look in their eyes and in some way reach out and help every now and again.

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