Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Faith Humphrey-Hill

Faith Humphrey-Hill, Artist, Community Art Organizer, Oak Parker

Faith at her home studio.

Faith joins my list of Oak Parkers due to her involvement in local art happenings, from The Art League to Art in the Classroom, street chalk drawing competition to 'RAW' Real Art Work in the Idea Box of the library this lady sure does get things done. And the fact that she like myself set herself an art goal, my 52 Oak Parkers, hers to make a piece of art every day, which she is sticking to. She then went up a step and set up a facebook group "DailyArtist-Canvas and More" where she posts her daily creations and invites others to do the same. Her most recent addition to her creation of the day is a postcard made and sent in the mail for a special person.

As with so many more of the people I have photographed it is the connecting with people through what one does that stands out. Faith uses her art as an art in connecting people, giving them the little push they need to create or appreciate art, thus making life a little nicer, on a daily bases.