Monday, February 13, 2012

PADS Have a Heart

I did volunteer work on Sat. night for my favorite local non-profit, West Suburban PADS. They had their 20 year “Have a Heart” celebration at the River Forest country club and it was a beautiful night from the red candy table to the dancing.
Hearing the story of one couples evolution from homelessness to prepairing for their wedding with their two children really shows the extent of what PADS does for people.
The place was full, it’s nice to know so many people in the community care.

ALL the photos can be seen over at

Last fall my 7 years old son Taron and I spent an evening at one of the night shelters serving the guests dinner, my son loved helping and felt honored when a few of the guests thanked him and told him he did a good job. It’s such a win win situation for everyone involved.

And staying on the Heart theme, my daughter needed valentine cards to hand out at school this morning, so here is what we put together yesterday.

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