Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Danche Guitar Co.

The next stop along my Indie Oak Parkers way was to Danche Guitar Co. at 906 Madison

where I met Danche Ivanovic. I had never been in the store before, something was telling me I should go in, now I am sure to go back. It took about two minutes before we were chatting it up about great musicians and about Europe where we both lived until 14 years ago.

There is something magical about watching a master craftsman at his art

and I have to say I had never met someone who builds guitars like this before.

You know there are some good stories behind a smile like that

and I even got to hear a couple of tunes

He will be playing over at Trattoria 225 on Sunday night if you are looking to hear some blues.

One can take a Build Your Very Own Guitar class, learn to play or purchase a hand crafted custom guitar, acoustic (flat top) or Jazz (archtop) right here in Oak Park.

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