Saturday, January 7, 2012

Holiday Cards and Images

For much of Nov and Dec I am busy with holiday card images and family portraits that will be used as gifts during the holiday season. Some cards I design, some people use photos I've taken to build cards elsewhere. The most fun (and the most work for me) is the concept card. I only do a few of these a year and here is a couple.

I worked with this family for the first time last year, you might remember the elves working hard with the baby santa giving orders from her highchair, this year we added in Mom and Dad. I take no credit for the wording they did that, but I think it pulls the concept together perfectly.

This next one is also a return client, 5th year in a row. The parents are totally open to whatever concept I come up with which is always great.

Front, Inside and Back of the card

and ANOTHER return client, for the 3rd year. Elegant is the word that comes to mind with these two girls this year, seeming so grown up since the year before.

This image was used on the front of a tiny print designed card, I took it at the end of a family portrait session. Two more of my photos were used on the back, but more from that shoot later.

Not all cards are concept based, most are a single nice portrait, or a series of lifestyle shots.

Here I took the photo and used a card design by florabelle

Some I never even see, some clients take the digital files and I never get to see what they do with them, but Im sure they make family and friends smile. And there is one every now and then that doesn't get used because I design a card and the client only needs prints.

Lots more to come from the season

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