Monday, January 9, 2012

Birth photography discount

My first discount of the new year is on birth photography. Up until now the births I have photographed have been home-births but I am available to photograph where ever you are planning to birth your baby.

The intensity and emotion is so powerful during these shoots I just want to do more. Birth photography is priced a little different than most of my other sessions. It is done in a documentary style. Although one may not want large prints of all the images on the wall most people would like a copy of each image to tell the story from start to finish, so I give the client a disc with all the images (usually in B&W, some color additions) so they can then make an album or book. The fee is usually $600, birth can take a long time, but for anyone planning a Jan or Feb birth I am offering it for $400. If you are interested drop me a line to discuss the details of how it all works. Since one usually doesn't know when the baby is going to say the time is right, we have to makes plans so we're all in the right place at the right time.

Pricing for Fine Art prints has come down a little this year. I will also be adding framing and archival mats to my products since a lot of you ask about framing. Check back in Feb to see example of what I have to offer.

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