Thursday, July 25, 2013

summer has begun

School is out for summer which means both my kids are with me most of the time, unless I am at a shoot. This rainy morning they made some root beer.

This week we spent a good amount of time hanging out in the yard with the chickens and picking strawberries in between swimming, play dates and a trip to Lincoln Park

Siofra, my youngest will start kindergarten in August so we plan to spend a lot of time together this summer before she will be gone from me for so many hours a day.

My plan was to work only a little while my kids were so young and I am glad I have been able to be with them so much in their early years, but I'm also a little excited to get back to some things I've put aside for 9 years. Yes it will be 9 years next month since my older one was born. He was the inspiration for the maternity portraits and then child and family photography parts of my work. Slowly I am getting back to more commercial work. The last month or so has been filled with a mix of work from fashion stills to lectures in beautiful spaces, business conferences to business portraits of different styles, I'm looking forward to the next phase.


RoiAnn said...
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RoiAnn said...

I hear you on getting back to things you've put on hold! I have only one young one - she's nine already - and I've been slowly gathering back my creative projects over the past couple years. I hope you're all finding joy in this first week of school!