Thursday, March 8, 2012

Anthony Abboreno

Oak Parker number 6.

Who doesn't love an art teacher.
Art was always my favorite class in school, if I were ever to have a regular hours job I think that is what I would like it to be, an art teacher.

Over a year ago I went to a toddler play date in an Oak Park home and saw some vibrant large canvases on the walls, the artist who painted them is Tony Abboreno.

Before retirement Tony taught art at Wells high school in Chicago. I connected with him on facebook (thanks Sarah) and flicked through his wall, I saw comments from past students thanking him for instilling in them an appreciation for art, how wonderful is that. Not just to create but to share the love and appreciation with others.

Yesterday I got visit and see where he paints. In the morning light the blues and reds of the first painting I saw came to life and almost appeared 3D. Then I got to see a little of the process, have I said before there is something magical about watching an artist at their work, I love being in artist studio's.

Thanks to Tony and to my art teachers like Eileen Whittle and Antony Haughey who inspire us to take the time to look and appreciate.

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abbracadabra said...

Nice photography job Eileen. I liked your comments on art and art teachers. I appreciate the work you did.
You made my day,