Friday, February 8, 2013

Prexy Nesbitt

Prexy Nesbitt - Activist, Educator, Multiculturalism and Diversity Specialist - Oak Parker

There is something about meeting someone in their own home over a morning cup of tea that sets a certain comfort level, and Prexy's home is certainly a comfortable one. Surrounded by books and photos I was instantly captivated. I left an hour later uplifted, uplifted and reminded that any one of us can do our bit to better the world. We can reach out to each-other, to our neighbor next door, to our neighbor in another country and work together to make this place a better one for all of us together.

Four decades of movements for social justice and a commitment to anti-racism brings us a lovely person and a life well lived. From working with MLK Jr. and friendships with Nelson Mandela, civil rights on Chicago west side to helping direct the World Council of Churches to Combat Racism (from Geneva, Switzerland), it's not surprising that he grew up in a home filled with civil rights and union organizing. (his parents marched with Percy Julian in the 1950's after Julian's Oak Park home was firebombed, the Julians were the first African-Americans to move into Oak Park) It is difficult to write so little about someone who has done so much but gives a much fuller biography and information on his ongoing Making The Road tours of Africa.

I think all I really need to write is this is who I set out to find when I first began this project.

I look forward to our night of south side blues.

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