Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hillary Kieser, Midwife, Gentle Birth Care

Hillary Brown Kieser, Midwife, Gentle Birth Care, Oak Parker.

Before I ever moved to Oak Park I met Hillary, she helped me through my first labor and the birthing of my son eight years ago.

Midwife; to assist in the birth. That she does both physically and mentally for her families. Labor is called labor for good reason, it is a lot of physical and mental exertion to produce something, a life, and Hillary is there with her women for the long haul, ever calm, ever present.

I have had the honor of joining Hillary and a few of her mothers over the past few years on their labor days and for the birth of new life. Much of her life is lived on call and she shows up with a smile and a hug. Since opening Gentle Birth Care in downtown Oak Park over three years ago she has helped a lot of mothers, she had delievered well over 1000 babies in her time as a midwife, so I wanted to include her in my 52 Oak Parkers project. This shoot fell into place last week when I got the call to say Mama S (one of my clients and one of Hillary's clients) was in labor.

Helping mothers bring new life into the world is something to be celebrated and acknowledged in a community.

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