Thursday, August 9, 2012

David Sokol - Oak Parker

Oak Park, The Evolution of A Village

Being that David Sokol is the author of a book titled 'Oak Park, The Evolution of A Village' I felt he would be a good person to meet while working on my project which could be titled 'Oak Park, A Portrait of a Village'.

I picked up a copy of the book at The Book Table after hearing about it on the local TV channel. And reading the list of other books he has authored realised we already had one of his books in our home 'The Noble Room'. Another on his list is 'Oak Park, Il. Continuity and Change'.

His bio reads
David Sokol is professor emeritus and former chair of the Department of Art History at UIC, where he taught American art and directed the program in museology.
He served a term as a trustee of the O.P. Village Board, several years on the Plan Commission and many years on the Historic Preservation Commission. Sokol served as vice-president of the Unity Temple Restoration Foundation and as a board member of the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio Foundation. He currently chairs the Oak Park Public Art Advisory Commission and recently completed a term on the Il. Historic Sites Advisory Council. He was elected to the O.P. Library Board in April 2011. Sokol is also a past president of the American Culture Association.

Taking this all into account I went and met with David at his Oak Park home. Beautiful stained glass welcomed me at the doorway, his office with books from floor to ceiling is the perfect setting for writer/historian, and a home filled with fine art. Having served on so many boards and reserched our Village in depth I was delighted to add David's face to this project.

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