Friday, May 11, 2012

Indian Joe

I first met Joe a few weeks ago. From what I know of him in our few meetings, Joe is gentle man.

At 54, with chronic back pain he can no longer find work. With lack or work came lack of money, with lack of money, well we all know...

We sat in the park on a sunny morning and Joe told me about his life, growing up in Cicero, falling off a garage as a kid, messing up his back, followed by years of work at different jobs around here and in Texas. Now he sits in the park and wonders what he will do, where he will spend his nights now that the local night shelter is closed for the summer. Will he eventually get disability and go back to having a place of his own?

Joe tells me he doesn’t like being on the streets, he hates it. He had lots of jobs, he liked working and going home and cooking his dinner.

I hope Joe gets disability, I hope he get a little home and I hope this happens soon for Joe.

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