Friday, October 26, 2007


Mostly I keep to my photography here on this blog, but last month I mentioned my new find in Oak Park, The Thousand Villages, the perfect place to buy gifts and toys and items for the house, all fair trade. This months fine is "CELEBRATIONS HOLIDAY SHOP" at 617 Madison St. just west of East St. It is sooo cute and someplace that would put one in good form just to walk in there. The outside is covered in beautiful autumn wreaths, and as you walk in the door your get a back in time feel. Little rooms filled with Christmas tree's and handmade decorations. Definately a must see for the holiday shoppers. Heidy, the lady that only weeks ago opened the place is very friendly, (she even gave me a plant just for visiting the store) and makes a lot of the items herself. Go visit, she's open late.
And on another note, it's almost Nov. and will be getting cold soon, remember those less fortunate, those attending soup kitchens, those sleeping in shelters and on the streets. Above image is from last year, at The Franciscian Outreach soup kitchen in Chicago. There are many such organisation that are worth volenteering with.

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